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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Islamic Outreach, Part XXXVI

From an earlier post on this blog:

Pope Francis spoke to the diplomatic corps and amongst other things, said, "Hence it is important to intensify dialogue among the various religions, and I am thinking particularly of dialogue with Islam."



The Islamic group “Ask a Muslim” is running “Jesus is Muslim” billboards in Columbus, Ohio. Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was born 500 years after Jesus’s death.
The Christian Post reported, via Free Republic:
Controversial billboards in Columbus, Ohio, reading “Jesus is Muslim” and “Mohammed is in the Bible” are drawing protests from local Christians who say Muslims are “hijacking” the name of Jesus.
“Although we support the Islamic community’s right to free speech, as well as their right to post messages on billboards, we do not support the hijacking of the name of Jesus Christ in their attempt to lure uninformed Christians into their religion,” Coach Dave Daubenmire of Pass the Salt Ministries said in a statement Thursday.

Catholicism - If It Were Easy, Everybody Would Do it!

Antarctic churches and chapels. We have the only one in an ice cave.

This cave church with walls made of ice is the Southernmost place of worship of any religion in the world. It is the permanent Catholic church for an all-year round Argentinian base and scientific research station founded in 1955 on Coat’s Island. As a result of its latitude, both day and night here are four months long and the night sky often displays the aurora australis.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New PSR Textbooks

I like this one:

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go!

But when you go, can you be buried in a Catholic cemetery? Let's go to the Code of Canon Law:

§2 Children whose parents had intended to have them baptized but who died before baptism, may be allowed Church funeral rites by the local Ordinary.
§3 Provided their own minister is not available, baptized persons belonging to a non-catholic Church or ecclesial community may, in accordance with the prudent judgement of the local Ordinary, be allowed Church funeral rites, unless it is established that they did not wish this. 

1° notorious apostates, heretics and schismatics;
2° those who for anti-christian motives chose that their bodies be cremated;
3° other manifest sinners to whom a Church funeral could not be granted without public scandal to the faithful.
§2 If any doubt occurs, the local Ordinary is to be consulted and his judgement followed.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Islamic Outreach, Part XXXV

From an earlier post on this blog:

Pope Francis spoke to the diplomatic corps and amongst other things, said, "Hence it is important to intensify dialogue among the various religions, and I am thinking particularly of dialogue with Islam."


President Barack Obama's policies "have become progressively more hostile toward Christian civilization," Cardinal Raymond Burke, the Vatican's chief justice, said this week.
"He appears to be a totally secularized man who aggressively promotes anti-life and anti-family policies," Burke, president of the Apostolic Signatura, said in an interview published Thursday by "Now he wants to restrict the exercise of the freedom of religion to freedom of worship.

"He holds that one is free to act according to his conscience within the confines of his place of worship but that, once the person leaves the place of worship, the government can constrain him to act against his rightly-formed conscience, even in the most serious of moral questions," Burke said.

What do YOU think about your fellow Muslim, Angry Jihad Guy?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Assume that ONE Person on the Stage is Not Going To Hell

Hopefully more....

From the Catholic News Service:

.- Sr. Cristina Scuccia is a 25 year old member of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family who has appeared on "The Voice of Italy," a reality show akin to "American Idol" or "Britain’s Got Talent."
Sr. Cristina surprised the four judges on The Voice of Italy March 19 with both her talent and her habit.
The judges on the show begin with their backs turned to the performer, and turn around only if they like what they hear.
As the judges turned to face Sr. Cristina, their astonishment was visible at seeing a young nun singing Alicia Keys’ “No One.”
A native of Sicily, Sr. Cristina arrived at the show accompanied by four sisters from her community, as well as her parents.
The four judges of the popular TV program are the Italian singers Raffaella Carra, J-Ax, Noemi, and Piero Pelu.
After her performance, Carra asked Sr. Cristina if she is really a nun, and why she chose to compete on the show.
“Yes, I am truly, truly a sister,” she replied.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Equivalent Canonization

From Catholic Culture:

Blessed Jose de Anchieta
 Pope Francis recently told a group of Spanish bishops that he would canonize three saints by equivalent canonization on April 2, according to a report on a Spanish diocesan website. 
Blessed Marie of the Incarnation
 The three are Blessed José de Anchieta (1534-97), a Spanish Jesuit missionary to Brazil; Blessed Marie of the Incarnation (1599-1672), who introduced the Ursuline order in Canada; and who introduced the Discalced Carmelite reform in France; and Blessed François de Laval (1623-1708), the first bishop of Quebec. 
Blessed Francois Laval

In equivalent canonization-- a procedure described by Pope Benedict XIV in the eighteenth century-- the Pope waives the usual judicial process and declares that a blessed’s liturgical cult is extended to the universal Church. 

 Interesting fact:

June 22, 1980...François de Laval was beatified by Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. At the same ceremony, the “Blessed” designation is also granted to Marie de l’Incarnation and Kateri Tekakwitha.

I wonder if Kateri is rethinking the whole miracle thing?

I Love a Parade! The Tramping of Feet, I Love Every Beat I Hear of a Drum!

From Newsmax:

"Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, says he has filed an application to march in the New York City Gay Pride Parade this year.
Donohue — who is boycotting the makers of Guinness Stout, Sam Adams, and Heineken beers after they bowed to gay-rights groups and dropped their support for New York's St. Patrick's Day Parade — says he wants to prove a point.

Guinness Drinker
"I went to the managing director of the Heritage of Pride Parade and ... said, listen, I want to march under my own banner, 'Straight Is Great,' in the 2014 Heritage of Pride Parade. Do you agree?" Donohue told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.
"Are they going to let me do it or not? I'm waiting to see what they want to say," he said Wednesday."

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Trouble With Jesuits, Part 18

On Tuesday evening, Loyola University of Chicago (A JESUIT SCHOOL) became the first Catholic institution, and the first from the state of Illinois, whose student government has passed an anti-Israel divestment resolution. 


The resolution, which a source says was not announced in advance, and faced no debate or opposition, called for the university “to divest from corporations profiting from Israel’s occupation” and passed unanimously, with twenty-six votes in favor and two abstentions.
A video of the resolution's passage was posted online. Many of the students applauding appear to be Muslim, with female students wearing headscarves at the meeting.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bishop Sheen

From The Crescat, citing The Catholic Herald:

"A seven-member team of medical experts convoked by the Vatican reported there is no natural explanation for the survival of a child delivered stillborn and whose heart did not start beating until 61 minutes after his birth.
The survival of the child, James Fulton Engstrom, now three years old and developing normally, was credited by his parents to a miracle attributable to the intercession of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, who gained fame for his 1950s television show Life Is Worth Living and his 16 years at the helm of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.
The medical experts’ report was announced in the Diocese of Peoria, Illinois, by the Archbishop Fulton Sheen Foundation, which is led by Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria."

Read the whole thing here.

Liturgical Dancer Tests Positive For Performance-Enhancing Drugs

From Eye of the Tiber. I wonder if she was at the LA Religious Ed Congress...

Under the Big Top!

Did you attend the 2014 LA Religious Ed Congress recently? Me neither, but here's the closing circus...I mean "Liturgy". The "liturgy" is presided over by the Mexican -born Archbishop of Los Angeles,  Jose Gomez. Also in attendance was noted anti-Semite, His Eminence Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga of Honduras. The dancing goes on for about 10 minutes before any of the priests and bishops get into the act.
Orthodox Judaism is looking better and better....

Pew''s Pew Research!

Do you think you have to believe in God to be moral? Pew Research asked about it...

I bet the 15% of Frenchmen who think believing in God is essential are Muslims! Now let's look at God and income...

Notice the outliers, China and the United States.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Islamic Outreach, Part XXXIV

From an earlier post on this blog:

Pope Francis spoke to the diplomatic corps and amongst other things, said, "Hence it is important to intensify dialogue among the various religions, and I am thinking particularly of dialogue with Islam."


"A fatwa (religious edict) against “all you can eat” buffets by a Saudi cleric has stirred debate among users of social networking site Twitter.
The cleric, Saleh al-Fawzan, recently issued a fatwa through a kingdom-based Quranic TV station prohibiting open buffets, saying that the value and quantity of what is sold should be pre-determined before it is purchased.
“Whoever enters the buffet and eats for 10 or 50 riyals without deciding the quantity they will eat is violating Sharia (Islamic) law,” said Fawzan on al-Atheer channel."

IN solidarity with our Islamic brothers, the Knights of Columbus are cancelling all their Lenten Fish Frys world-wide.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Trouble With Jesuits, Part 17

Those whacky Jesuits are up to their old tricks (again)!

Fordham (A JESUIT SCHOOL) University will be hosting a lecture series next month titled “IgnatianQ:Finding God in the LGBTQ & Ally Jesuit Student Community” which will feature a number of speakers including Sister Elizabeth Johnson, whose recent book was condemned by the U.S. Bishops, and a keynote speech by Dr. Patrick Hornbeck who, in 2011, wrote a piece for titled “Why good Catholics are challenging the church line on homosexuality.

Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, Distinguished Professor of Theology at Fordham, is tentatively scheduled to deliver a lecture entitled “Invisibility in the Gospel.” In 2011, the U.S. bishops’ doctrine committee released a statement condemning her 2007 book “Quest for the Living God” for “misrepresentations, ambiguities and errors” that do “not accord with authentic Catholic teaching on essential points.” The book, they said, “completely undermines the Gospel and the faith of those who believe in the Gospel” when it addresses doctrine of the Trinity.

Fish and Friday

The website Catholic Vote has an article which gives is 5 reasons we should eat fish on Friday.  I'm skeptical about some of the reasoning...

For instance:

There is an ancient Jewish custom to eat fish on Fridays because God created fish on the fifth day, man on the sixth day, and then rested on the seventh day–the Sabbath.

 According to Genesis, "God created the great sea monsters and all kinds of crawling living creatures with which the water teems, and all kinds of winged birds. God saw that it was good, and God blessed them, saying: Be fertile, multiply, and fill the water of the seas; and let the birds multiply on the earth."

So eat up! Sea monsters are on the menu! And chicken.

 In this ancient custom, the eyes of the fish staring at us from the table are also a reminder of God’s eternal omniscience. I'm not seeing it...

Jesus IS a fish -
The fish symbol or “Jesus fish” is one of the earliest Christian symbols. In Greek, the word for fish, “ΙΧΘΥΣ” is an acrostic for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.” 

About the only thing I know about the "Jesus Fish" is that people who have one on their car are crumby drivers.

Glade Air Freshener Feast of St. Fina, March 14

I can only hope that this part isn't true:

In 1248 Fina’s life was changed by a serious illness, which began, progressively, to paralyse her (probably a form of tuberculosis like osteomyelitis). Her deep faith relieved her pain. She refused a bed and chose instead to lie on a wooden pallet. According to her legend, during her long sickness her body became attached to the wood of the table, and worms and rats fed on her rotting flesh. 

This is cool, though:

  On March 4, 1253, after five years of sickness and pain, while her nurses Beldia and Bonaventura were waiting for her to pass away, Saint Gregory the Great allegedly appeared in Fina’s room and predicted that she would die on the 12th of March. Fina died on the predicted date. She was only 15 years old.

March 12th is the Feast of St. Gregory!

 When Fina’s body was removed from the pallet, the people who were there saw white violets bloom from the wood and smelt a fresh flower fragrance through the whole house. The violets grew on the walls of San Gimignano too and still today they grow there. For this reason the people of San Gimignano call them “The Saint Fina violets”.

By the way, she was never canonized so I guess she is not officially a "saint".

Legends say that, at the exact moment of Fina’s passing away, all the bells of San Gimignano rang without anyone touching them.