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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Trouble With Jesuits, Part 17

Those whacky Jesuits are up to their old tricks (again)!

Fordham (A JESUIT SCHOOL) University will be hosting a lecture series next month titled “IgnatianQ:Finding God in the LGBTQ & Ally Jesuit Student Community” which will feature a number of speakers including Sister Elizabeth Johnson, whose recent book was condemned by the U.S. Bishops, and a keynote speech by Dr. Patrick Hornbeck who, in 2011, wrote a piece for titled “Why good Catholics are challenging the church line on homosexuality.

Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, Distinguished Professor of Theology at Fordham, is tentatively scheduled to deliver a lecture entitled “Invisibility in the Gospel.” In 2011, the U.S. bishops’ doctrine committee released a statement condemning her 2007 book “Quest for the Living God” for “misrepresentations, ambiguities and errors” that do “not accord with authentic Catholic teaching on essential points.” The book, they said, “completely undermines the Gospel and the faith of those who believe in the Gospel” when it addresses doctrine of the Trinity.