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Thursday, December 19, 2013

31 Things you Thought About During Mass Last Sunday

OK, I didn't think about any of these things, but two of them  made me laugh....I changed the Mass times as appropriate.

22.  I can’t wait for the donuts outside after Mass.  I hope the holier-than-thou eight o’clock crowd left some for the rest of us.

 23.  I’m hungry enough for two donuts…too bad there won’t be any left for the noon crowd, but maybe they should stop being so lazy and go to an earlier Mass.

And this one is for the Junior Organist:

 25.  And the recessional hymn is…no!…”Lord of the Dance”?…Can I leave now before my ears throw up?

Shut Up, I Explained

That paragon of Catholicism Senator Dick Durbin is in the news, speaking for Pope Francis. From the Washington Times:

Saying they’ve been inspired by Pope Francis' teaching, Senate Democrats vowed Thursday to force votes on raising the minimum wage, expanding unemployment benefits and giving more taxpayer help to college students.

Senator Richard Durnin, Illinois Democrat, said the recent papal pronouncement warning of the dangers of income inequality should force Congress to act.

“It challenges all of us, and it particularly challenges those of us who have been blessed to serve in public life,” Mr. Durbin said.

Dick supports Obamacare (which has caused the Catholic Church to sue Health and Human Services -headed by another "Catholic", Kathy Sebilius) which forces religious organizations to provide abortifacients and contraceptives to its workers.  .  Dick also has 100% approval rating form NARAL - the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.