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Thursday, August 04, 2016


Anyway, on to the real extremists on abortion — Democrats. Specifically, Hillary Clinton. Multiple times in past months, she has admitted a child — “hours before birth” — has no Constitutional rights. A full term, 40-week unborn baby could survive on it’s own outside the womb for close to 20 weeks before birth — that’s four months. Premature babies have survived as young as 21 weeks — so I guess if we’re going to have to allow legal abortions — isn’t it only natural to close that legality at the time of viability? I’d rather not compromise life for any child at any stage, but if pro-choicers were going to the slightest bit reasonable, it seems like 20 weeks would be a great starting point. I’m guessing that’s where the 20-week abortion ban comes from. It’s around that time that those little guys and girls could make if their moms went into labor early. Little guys like Micah, featured it his ad from Susan B. Anthony List:

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