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Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Canadian Doctor....with a the Hospital

Hospitals that receive public funding have an obligation to offer legal health services, including doctor-assisted death, says a member of the provincial-territorial expert advisory group on physician-assisted dying. 

Jocelyn Downie, a Dalhousie University law professor and expert on end-of-life law and policy, said provinces and territories should withhold funding from public institutions that refuse to offer legal health services on their premises, or a reasonable option for transfer.
“If you get public funding, you as an institution have an obligation to provide legal health services. I think we need to confront that,” Downie said.

Well, as long as it's limited to those receiving federal funding...

Wait a second. Canada has a single-payer system. PRIVATE PAYMENT FOR MEDICAL SERVICE IS AGAINST THE LAW!

What do Catholics have to say?

 Her comments come as officials with Ottawa’s Bruyère Continuing Care and other Catholic health institutions in the province say they will not offer doctor-assisted death or “directly or explicitly” refer patients to receive the procedure elsewhere. 

"L'extreme - onction", Nicolas Poussin, 1640

“Should a request for physician-assisted death occur in our organizations, we will not abandon the person in our care,” said The Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario in a statement about physician-assisted death. “We believe that supporting these patients who are vulnerable with a non-judgmental, non-coercive approach will assist them to question their request for assisted death and to explore other alternative forms of medical care.”

The Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario administers 21 publicly funded Catholic health institutions, including Bruyère, which is Ottawa’s second-largest hospital and the only one with a ward devoted to palliative care.