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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Smithsonian Photo Contest

 Some beautiful pictures, including this one:
 The description:

I shot this photo in August 2015 in Rome. My girlfriend and my little son were far from Rome so I had free time for me, for my passion. I decided to have a small tour of some churches in Rome (where I've lived since 2005) because the temperature was too high to spend some time outside under the sun. I took some photos in Basilica di San Giovanni and after that, I went to the Scala Santa which is close to the San Giovanni Basilica. Inside the Scala Santa there is a holy stair (scala) used by pilgrims, who ascend the steps on their knees. Light at that hour (about 6:30 PM) was perfect. I saw this nun going out downstairs towards the light of the sun, and I shot.

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I believe the white habit is used by many orders that do nursing as part of their ministry. The on;y order I know that uses white consistently is the Dominicans.