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Monday, February 29, 2016

It's Opposite Day in Boston!

 That's the only way I can figure that Mayor Walsh calls himself Catholic.

Boston's Mayor Martin Walsh has apologized for referring to himself as "personally pro-life," and said that he would never use that term in the future.
Walsh, who is Catholic, spoke to the Boston Globe after receiving an award from NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts. He acknowledged that in the past he has described himself as "personally pro-life," but said: "I don't even know where I came up with that." 
When reminded that other Catholic politicians have said that they are "personally pro-life" while defending unrestricted abortion, Walsh responded: "Yeah, but I think you can get criticized for that statement today.... Things change over time. I think there's [sic] clear lines today."
Leaving no doubt about his stand, Walsh said that in the future: "I would just say I'm a pro-choice candidate. I'm a pro-choice mayor, I was a pro-choice legislator."

From his biography:

 Mayor Walsh continues to reside in Dorchester, where he shares his life with longtime partner Lorrie Higgins and her daughter, Lauren.