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Friday, January 29, 2016

Ut Laetificet Cor - That Maketh Glad the Heart

In the 8th century an oratory was built so pilgrims could pray at the place of St. Benedict’s birth. Monks came to Norcia in the 10th century, and remained in one form or another until 1810, when they were forced to flee under the new laws of the Napolianic Code. The current Benedictine community was founded in Rome on September 3, 1998, without being conditioned by previous historical circumstances. These original monks transferred from Rome to Norcia on December 2, 2000, in the great Jubilee Year, becoming The Benedictine Monks of Norcia. They were charged by Rome to care for the Basilica of San Benedetto (built over the birthplace of St Benedict and St Scholastica) and for the many visiting pilgrims. The Benedictines of Norcia see themselves as humble instruments for the necessary New Evangelization of Europe. As of July 2011 there are nineteen monks living at Norcia, four of which are ordained priests and two novices. The Benedictine Monastery of Norcia is also known as the Benedictine monastery Maria Sedes Sapientiae (“Mary Seat of Wisdom”). In February 2012 the Monastery was canonically established under the supervision of the Abbot Primate in the International Benedictine Confederation.

And can order their beer! Delivered to your door step!

All revenue the monastery produces is used to support the work of prayer and evangelical witness at the 1500-year-old monastery in Norcia. Naturally, this includes offering warm hospitality to pilgrims and the poor, who are assured of being welcomed at the monks’ door.

Every purchase of beer helps ensure that the centuries-old Latin chants will be sung daily in those ancient buildings, ever in need of repair, and that future monks and pilgrims will have a place to call home.