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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene and the Priviledge of White

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene

Yesterday was the Feast of St. Devota, who I never heard of but is the Patroness of Monaco. The King and the Queen burn a boat for the occasion.

Wikipedia explains (and FYI - she isn't mentioned in the Catholic Encyclopedia):

Her cult became important to Monaco and the Grimaldis. Since 1874 it has been the custom that on the evening before her feast day a symbolic fishing boat is brought in procession into Port-Hercule and set alight outside the Église Sainte Dévote. This is followed by a fireworks display that lights up Port-Hercule.

On January 27, Mass is celebrated in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception attended by HSH Prince Albert II and HSH Princess Charlene. It is followed by a Solemn Procession of the Relics, to request protection for the Royal Family and the Principality. Receptions in the Monte Carlo Opera House also take place.Albert II, Prince of Monaco participated in this ceremony. 


The Cathedral in Monaco is named after St. Nicholas. I know, because I've been in it. It's where Grace Kelly is buried.

Also in attendance was the new Princess of Monaco, the fabulous Princess Charlene. She and the Prince met with the Pope three weeks ago...and Princess Charlene wore WHITE!

Le privilège du blanc ("the privilege of the white") is a French term used for a tradition whereby certain designated Catholic queens and princesses are permitted to wear a white dress and white mantilla during an audience with the Pope .

The Prefecture of the Pontifical Household sometimes issues special instructions when the privilege may be used, such as during papal audience or Masses at the beginning of a pope's reign.
A Catholic princess or queen retains the privilege at the discretion of the Pope, by which she remains a Catholic in good public standing; or married to another Catholic monarch, or simply granted by the Pope at his dispensation. A Catholic royal may also choose to freely exercise the privilege depending on the importance of occasion, and does not negate her privilege should she choose to wear black at certain points of Papal audiences.

As of 2015, the following women are eligible for the privilege:
  •  HM Queen Sofia of Spain (from her husband's accession in 1975)
  •  HM Queen Paola of the Belgians (from her husband's accession in 1993)
  •  HRH The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (from her husband's accession in 2000)
  • HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco (since 2013)
  • HM The Queen of the Belgians (from her husband's accession in 2013)
  • HM The Queen of Spain (from her husband's accession in 2014)
  •  HRH The Princess of Naples