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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Catholic Beard Balm

I just ordered the Crusader package - three different scents. You can order here. It's fun and a worthy cause.
.- What do you do with an excess of chrism and a plethora of Catholic men with beards?
Tony Vasinda, a director of faith formation at a Catholic parish in Seattle, Wash., was faced with that dilemma three years ago when he ordered some of the fragrant, liturgical oil for his confirmation students.

“I love it when people can actually engage with the materials of the sacrament in advance, so I wanted to have some non-blessed chrism we could use for the candidates to smell and help cement in their memory the different lessons we were teaching,” Vasinda told CNA.
When he went to order essence of chrism, Vasinda only needed an ounce. But the minimum amount he could order was enough to make three gallons.
“So I had a little bit of an excess of chrism,” he joked.
Around that same time, Vasinda had been making beard balms for himself and his bearded friends, and he had an idea for what to do with his surplus.
“I thought hey, wouldn’t it be funny if I made some chrism-scented Catholic beard balm?”