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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I, For One,, Am Glad to Bow To Our Education Degree Overlords

A middle school in Akin, Illinois is under fire when school officials decided not to allow Seth Clark, a 13-year-old salutatorian, to deliver his eighth-grade graduation speech because of its Christian content.
The speech contained a quote from the Bible and mentioned "God-like forgiveness." A local citizen complained, which led to the officials' decision, according to Benton Evening News.

FYI - the student had to submit a copy of the speech in advance to the teachers. I have a hunch that is where the protest came from.
Hotbed of Religious Bigotry

As a public school, it is our duty to educate students, regardless of how different they or their beliefs may be," school Superintendent Kelly Clark said in a statement to Benton Evening News.
"While students are welcome to pray or pursue their faith without disrupting school or infringing upon the rights of others, the United States Constitution prohibits the school district from incorporating such activities as part of school-sponsored events, and when the context causes a captive audience to listen or compels other students to participate."