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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Islamic Outreach Part XCIX

From an earlier post on this blog:

Pope Francis spoke to the diplomatic corps and amongst other things, said, "Hence it is important to intensify dialogue among the various religions, and I am thinking particularly of dialogue with Islam.",


Days after the Islamic State reportedly kidnapped 15 people from a church (including a priest and nuns) in Marawi, Philippines, the terrorist group released a video showing showing the destruction of a Catholic Church.
The terrorists can be seen smashing statues, tearing a picture of Pope Francis and finally setting the church on fire.
The militants belong to the Maute terror group, which pledged allegiance to ISIS in 2015.
The same Islamic State-allied militants in the Philippines took a Catholic priest and a group of church-goers hostage on May 22-23, threatening to kill them if the nation’s military does not cease its current offensive against them. They also burned the Catholic cathedral of Marawi. ISIS has destroyed numerous Catholic Churches in the regions they control.