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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Point - Counterpoint

 From a previous post...


Asked about the slaying of an 85-year-old priest in a Normandy church on Tuesday, Francis replied: "the real word is war...yes, it's war. This holy priest died at the very moment he was offering a prayer for all the church."

He went on: "I only want to clarify, when I speak of war, I am really speaking of war ... a war of interests, for money, resources. ... I am not speaking of a war of religions, religions don't want war. The others want war."


 Islamic State has denounced Pope Francis for stating that the war being waged on the West by Islamic State terrorists is not a "religious war".
The terror group, also known as Daesh, says the acts of terrorism it carries out are most certainly religiously motivated and even bear the blessing of Allah as testified in the Koran.
It says Pope Francis and others who argue that Islam is a peaceful religion are delivering a "false narrative".
The chilling religious propaganda behind IS is spelled out in the latest issue of Dabiq, reproduced in a "safe" format by the Clarion counter-extremism project, IS warns there will be no let up in the terror. It condemns Christianity as a "religion of polytheism". 
The magazine is titled: "Break the Cross." It contains a feature of the same name, and another headlined: "Why we hate you and why we fight you."
It says the recent Orlando shooting was "most definitely" an act of terror: "Muslims have been commanded to terrorise the disbelieving enemies of Allah."