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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Holy Trinity Explained

Father Z fielded this question today:

According to a local priest in his homily on the Trinity this Sunday just gone, the Trinity can be represented by a table with four chairs, one for the Father, one for the Son, one for the Holy Spirit, and one for us. He ended by telling us that Trinity Sunday is a day in which we need to acknowledge our part in things, a call he repeated just before launching into the Apostle’s Creed. Please tell me I was wrong to walk out. Was he spouting heresy, and if so, which one? This same priest has also waxed rhapsodic on the song “What is this Place?”. He agreed with its sentiment that our cathedral is just a building if we aren’t in there together. Had he turned around, of course, he may have noticed Christ staring at him from the tabernacle as incredulously as I was. It’s a good thing we have at least one good and holy priest in our city – and we’ll be going to that parish next week!
 He responded:

I share this one with a few friends.
This heresy doesn’t (yet) have a name, because no one in the past was dumb enough or heretical enough to have conceived it.

Which brought to mind...