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Friday, April 15, 2016

Funny....They Don't LOOK Muslim

Two Christian churches have been burned in Chile on March 31, the fourth and fifth alleged arson cases in 24 hours. The perpetrators, according to International Christian Concern in their April 7 report, are supporters of the Mapuche, an indigenous people who are said to be trying to get rid of those who practice religion that contradicts their beliefs.

"We never imagined that these attacks would occur in our community. There is no conflict in our community," Pastor Jose Dario Pineda said, as quoted in the report by ICC. "We are all Christians and live in peace."
The first of the two cases is the burning of the Catholic church of Santa Joaquina. A pamphlet was reportedly found with the words "grandparents and ancestors have also been burned to death." This has led to speculations of the Mapuche being responsible for the fire as the note is presumed to be referring to the violence experienced by the indigenous people's ancestors under Spanish rule.