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Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Value of a University Educashun, Albigensians Edition

 First of all, I am not sure the guy in question IS a priest. Not all Dominicans are priests. They are referred to as the "Black Friars" because of the black cappa ( like a cloak) they wear over the white cassock.

Rumors of a klansman on campus have proven false after a priest innocently made his way through Bloomington.
Last night around 9:15 PM, social media became a furious storm of confusion regarding a man in white robes roaming along 10th St. and purportedly armed with a whip.
Students thought the white robes indicated Klu Klux Klan affiliation.

Students widely disseminated messages like the above. There was no safety alert released by the University.
 Luckily, the Dominican Friars were quick to release a handy aid for the imbeciles at Indiana University;