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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin...Call Your Office!

Scotland’s eight bishops have issued a pastoral letter urging Catholics to vote in the May 5 Scottish Parliament election.
“Keep in mind that the Scottish Parliament now has more powers than before,” including “responsibility for legislation regarding abortion in Scotland,” the bishops stated. “Please make your views known to the candidates and the parties.”
The bishops added:

Please bring to this election the benefits of the insight that your Christian faith gives: insight into the dignity of each person, particularly the weakest and most vulnerable; insight into the value of all human life from conception to natural death; insight into the family as the fundamental unit of our society; insight into social and economic justice for all; insight into the care of the common home we inhabit.

Meanwhile, the United States Conference of Bishops has gone out on a limb and asked local churches to be more inclusive!

 Throughout the United States we experience a profound demographic shift as Hispanics, Asians, Africans, Caribbean people, and many other communities of non-European origin are on the rise. Today, as ever, the Church's mission to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and promote the life and dignity of each and every human being has much to do with insight into cultures. Catholic parishes are moving from mono-cultural patterns to ones we call "shared," that is, to parishes in which more than one language, racial or cultural group seek to celebrate the Eucharist and embody Christian community. For ministers and pastoral workers to be effective in this diverse environment, the right knowledge, attitudes and skills need to be developed.