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Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Photos From Seville, Spain

The Brotherhoods who march today are:

Holy Thursday

  • Los Negritos (The Blacks). Prior to 1400. Up to the mid 19th century, only black people (both free and slave) could be full members.
  • La Exaltación (The Exaltation). 16th century. Nicknamed los caballos (the horses).
  • Las Cigarreras (The Cigarmaking Girls). 1563.
  • Monte-Sión (Mount Zion). 1560.
  • Quinta Angustia (Fifth Anguish). 1541.
  • El Valle (The Valley). 1590.
  • Pasión (Passion). 1531. The image of Jesus is a masterpiece of Juan Martínez Montañés.