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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Better Than a Mummers Parade

Penitents of La Paz brotherhood hold a Holy Week procession in Seville, Spain. 

Holy Week in Saville, Spain is unique and historic.  There are processions every day. starting on Palm Sunday (The Penitents of La Paz march that day). Each parade has at least three pasos, elaborate statues depicting the Passion or Mary.

The La Paz Brotherhood above are wearing capirotes, which are the long point hats with eye holes cut into them. The are not part of the Penitents, rather, they are part of the nazarenos. Colours, forms and details of the habit are distinctive for each brotherhood - and sometimes for different locations within the procession. Usually the Nazarenos march in pairs, and are grouped behind insignia. Moving between the lines are diputados de tramo, guardians who keep the formations organized.

At the end of the procession comes the penitents:

  A number of penitentes, carrying wooden crosses, making public penance. They wear the habit and the hood of the brotherhood, but the hood is not pointed.