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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Well, At Least He Doesn't Feel "Sassy"

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (AP) -- Pope Francis has effectively dismissed reports of continuing apparitions of the Virgin Mary at the Medjugorje shrine in southern Bosnia, saying the visions "don't have much value" even if the shrine itself has helped Catholics find God.

Unlike Fatima or Lourdes, France, the Medjugorge phenomenon has never been declared authentic, in part because the local bishops have long cast doubt on the reliability and interests of the "seers."
Did you say "naughty"?

Francis said he knew he was being "naughty" in doubting the Medjugorje phenomenon, in which six youngsters reported seeing visions of the Madonna starting in 1981. Some have reported continuous visions ever since, with precise messages being delivered at pre-designated times, drawing skepticism that their claims were aimed more at bringing religious tourists to the otherwise unremarkable rural spot in southern Bosnia.