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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It Could Be Worse...They Could be a Jesuit School

Was it “appalling and disgraceful” that Sacred Heart University, a Catholic institution, recently allowed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to hold a campaign rally on campus?
It can be difficult to cut through the blatant opportunism of both anti-Trump critics and Sacred Heart’s president, whose defense of the event (but not Trump) only thinly disguises his university’s play for media attention and the prestige of hosting a presidential candidate. Both sides claim concern for Sacred Heart’s Catholic identity.

The Fairfield, Connecticut university has come under fire from a number of angry commenters, especially on the university’s Facebook page, expressing outrage that Sacred Heart has betrayed its Catholic identity and mission by hosting Trump. The wealthy developer has been accused of nastiness, bigotry, inciting violence and “the promotion of evil.” Trump would obviously deny any of this and claim he was misunderstood. But he does hold some positions that are clearly contrary to Catholic teaching, such as his support for abortion in certain cases.

Let's take a look around at the Sacred Heart University website....hey! An LGBTQ Resource Center!

Here at the Sacred Heart University Counseling Center, we embrace a positive view of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) identities and relationships by producing a safe space where people are free to express who they are without fear of reprisal.

On the Sacred Heart University campus, you will find a welcoming GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) and off-campus you can find resources at Norwalk Triangle Community Center. Visit

How about their newsletter to employees?

If you want to avoid pregnancy, always use birth control. 

■ Use protection that will prevent the spreading of communicable disease, such as condoms. Birth control pills will usually prevent pregnancy, but have no effect on sexually transmitted diseases
And at their women's center site, a link to the National Organization of Women and it's support of abortion and Hillary Clinton!

You were saying something about "Catholic identity"?