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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Why Old Britoners Voted for Brexit

 A Catholic nursing home in Belgium is reported to have fallen foul of the country's courts after refusing to permit a resident to access euthanasia.
The incident happened in 2011 when Huize Sint-Augustinus home in Diest refused to allow an elderly woman's doctor access to see her – when it was thought she was about to be given a lethal injection.
The home has been ordered to pay €6,000 (approx $6,600 or £5,000) in damaged to the family of the woman.

I'm Moving to New Mexico
The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled unanimously that there is no state constitutional right to assisted suicide.

he U.S. Supreme Court has also unanimously declined to conjure a “right” to assisted suicide in 1997, as have other state supreme courts in the years since. Indeed, no state constitutional right to assisted suicide has ever been declared by a high court despite numerous attempts.