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Friday, July 01, 2016

The Trouble With Jesuits, Part 51

 From the Cardinal Newman Society:

Although the U.S. bishops rightfully called it "shocking" the Obama administration’s refusal last week to enforce federal law against California’s abortion mandate was calculated and predictable. California accomplished what the Obama administration could not with the HHS mandate: full coverage of abortions in employee health plans, even at Catholic churches and institutions.
Even more shocking is the ensuing silence by many leaders and faculty members at California’s Jesuit universities. They should be vigorously fighting this attack on their religious freedom and Catholic integrity.

But their public silence, too, is calculated. It is a capitulation not only to the tyranny of the state but also to the moral depravity of many of their professors. For years, many faculty members at Loyola Marymount University and Santa Clara University have lobbied for abortion coverage in their health care plans, without apparent moral qualms about facilitating a heinous act of evil.

More than any hidden fault line beneath California’s surface, these professors are at fault for crumbling the foundations of their Jesuit universities. Their denial of life for even the tiniest, innocent children — and now the silent acquiescence of their leaders — further undermines the Catholic identity of universities that already have all but abandoned the pretense of affirming the Catholic faith.

Read the whole, sordid thing.