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Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Guess It's True....You Can't Fix Stoopid

 My opinion...a pox on both their houses.

American Catholic voters lean strongly toward Hillary Clinton in this year's presidential contest, according to a new Pew Forum survey.

The Pew poll found that Clinton held a 56-39% advantage over Donald Trump among Catholic voters. That 17% margin was markedly different from the results of a similar poll in the last presidential race, when then-Senator Barack Obama was virtually even with Mitt Romney among Catholic voters in June 2012. 

 However, Clinton's margin among Catholic voters was entirely attributable to a huge (77-16%) advantage among Hispanic Catholics (thanks, amigos!). Among white Catholics, Trump had a slight (50-46) edge.
Among all voters surveyed, Pew found that Clinton had a 51-42% lead. Trump enjoyed his best results among white Evangelical voters, who gave him a massive 78-17% advantage; Clinton did best with black Protestants, who broke even more dramatically (89-8%) in her favor.
Among voters who attend church services weekly, Pew found that Trump had a slight advantage: 49- 45%. But among Catholics who attend Mass weekly, Clinton led by 57-38%.
When asked which questions they considered most important in the presidential campaign, Catholics provided answers that did not differ significantly from the overall national sample.

Hard to pick the most Christian person running, but relatively easy to pick the most pro-abortionist running.