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Monday, March 14, 2016

There is Only One Problem....

In a video recorded for an awards ceremony taking place in Dubai, Pope Francis announced that a Palestinian woman has won the Varkey Foundation’s second annual Global Teacher Prize.
The foundation was founded by Sunny Varkey, an Indian entrepreneur who runs a large network of private schools.

"Palestinians" celebrate the collapse of the World Trade Center

 “I would like to congratulate the teacher Hanan Al Hroub for winning this prestigious prize due to the importance she gives to the role of play in a child’s education,” the Pope said.
“A child has the right to play,” he continued. “Part of education is to teach children how to play, because you learn how to be social though games, and you learn the joy of life.”

 The problem? THERE IS NO COUNTRY CALLED PALESTINE.  The Vatican has recognized a "Palestinian State" but where is it? West Bank? Gaza? Jordan? Lebanon?