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Friday, December 18, 2015

Tougher Than the One About Pin Dancing Angels

Father Z answers the hard ones:
Is it ok For a Traditional Catholic to date a modernist woman he’s trying to convert?
Modernista, eh?  Convert, eh?
A swift review of Pascendi dominici gregis resulted in no specific pontifical condemnations of the dating of the modernist.  As far I can tell, there was no subsequent pontifical legislation that anathematized the practice.

Thus, barring particular legislation from the local bishop banning it (which you might have to double-check), in my highly-trained and finely-honed professional opinion, I’d say, go for it!
NB: If Miss Modernista begins to quote Loisy or Tyrrell (or the Fishwrap or Card. Kasper), grab your St. Pius X medal and hold up your Garrigou-Lagrange.
WARNING: Before things get serious, have her swear the Oath Against Modernism as a condition before your formal engagement, maybe before you even have an “understanding”.

 Unless she’s really pretty.