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Sunday, December 13, 2015

I Hope He Never Misses Again

 Justin Tucker is a Catholic playing for a team I intensely dislike, the Baltimore Ravens. I'd read the article in the Catholic Review about him, but didn't know the guy could sing.

Again, I am having a hard time embedding the video, so copy the link and follow it.

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker did not boot his most recent performance.
The 26-year-old delivered a stirring rendition of “Ave Maria” at Catholic Charities of Baltimore’s Christmas Concert Thursday night.
Tucker, a baritone, began singing opera in college. A recording technology major, he told the NFL Network that he had to take voice lessons as a part of his course load, which is how he discovered his talent.
“I’m sure there have been a couple of guys who have played football and sung a little opera on the side,” he joked with Joe Buck. 
Sam Koch, the Ravens’ punter, told the NFL Network that Tucker routinely sings opera in the shower at the team facility.
“It echos through the locker room,” he said.