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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

At. Last, Something Good Out of Brazil!

A Brazilian bishop has told the faithful not to exchange informal personal greetings during the Kiss of Peace at Mass. 

Bishop Milton Kenan Junior
 Bishop Milton Kenan Junior of Barretos issued norms designed to ensure proper reverence in the liturgy, including a directive during the Kiss of Peace, the priest should not leave the altar and the faithful should “greet those persons closest to you.” He cautioned that “the rite of peace is not a time for ‘congratulations, Merry Christmas,’ ‘Happy Easter,’ or any other type of greeting.”
The bishop also said that extraordinary ministers should not substitute for ordained priests and deacons in the distribution of Communion, and “the ordained minister is not permitted to sit down during Communion time and leave the responsibility of distributing Holy Communion to the extraordinary ministers.” 
Not Brazil