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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Diogenes, Call Your Office

In a stunning indictment against Planned Parenthood two abortion executives have exposed themselves negotiating pricing for the marketing of baby organs harvested from abortion procedures. In damning evidence collected by The Center for Medical Progress Dr. Deborah Nucatola and Dr. Mary Gatter, both senior executives of Planned Parenthood, are each videoed discussing the illegal activity of providing vital baby organs to interested clients.

 Dr. Nucatola in Louisiana is seen sipping wine while bragging “we are very good at it” in providing high quality baby parts to those in the market to obtain organs or specimens. Dr. Gatter in a separate video is heard promising to also deliver organ specimens by using “less crunchy” methods of dismembering the body of a baby during an abortion.

 When the second video emerged a week later of Dr. Gatter of Planned Parenthood’s Pasadana and San Gabriel facilities, she was heard promising to deliver high quality organ parts by using “less crunchy” methods of slaughtering the babies during an abortion. She then quipped regarding the price negotiations, “I want a Lamborghini”. 

Noted Theologian Nancy Pelosi

And how did former Speaker of the House and noted Theologian (and self-proclaimed Catholic" respond?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday joined calls for a federal investigation into the California-based anti-abortion group that sparked the Planned Parenthood hidden camera controversy.
“Let’s have an investigation of those people who were trying to ensnare Planned Parenthood in a controversy that doesn’t exist,” Pelosi said Thursday in her first public remarks about Planned Parenthood since the first undercover video surfaced last week.
A long-time abortion rights champion, Pelosi dismissed accusations that Planned Parenthood has raked in profits from its fetal tissue donation program.  
“Planned Parenthood has said that they have done nothing illegal,” she said. “They do not ever charge, which would be illegal, for fetal tissue. They have only defrayed the cost of mailing that to someone, which is not breaking the law.”

Oh, and Diogenes is considered a founder of Cynicism. It is a different cynicism as displayed by the noted theologian but cynicism nonetheless.