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Thursday, June 28, 2018

His Expression Reminds me of Brave Sir Robin

.- Outrage has been sparked in a town in northern Spain over the botched renovation of a 16th-century wooden sculpture of St. George, which was repainted by a local arts and crafts teacher.

The Church of St. Michael - located just south-west of Pamplona in the town of Estella - allegedly hired a local workshop to restore the 500-year old polychrome statue which was showing signs of age.

The workshop, called Karmacolor, specializes in arts and crafts for children and basic furniture repairs – not professional restoration, according to the town’s mayor Koldo Leoz.

However, the parish priest said the church only intended for the arts and crafts teacher to clean the sculpture and did not ask for a full renovation, according to the BBC. Since the attempted restoration, which started about a month ago, the once-faded St. George sculpture now bears a pink face with brightly colored red and gray armor.

Just to be clear. This is St. George:

This is Tintin: