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Friday, October 07, 2016

North Carolina...Hotbed of Catholicism

Lots going on in North Carolina! First, a minor seminary has opened:

St. Joseph College Seminary (opened) in September in temporary facilities near St. Ann Catholic Church in Charlotte. Nine men will live there together in community and prayer while they attend classes at Belmont Abbey College.
A college seminary, also called a “minor” seminary, is for men who are considering the priesthood but who are only 18 to 22 years old. After graduating with a philosophy degree from Belmont Abbey, they will then need to go on to what’s called a “major” seminary to study theology and receive more specific priestly formation. Only when they complete this four years of post-graduate work can they be ordained.

And this:

 — Bishop Michael Burbidge spoke publicly on Thursday for the first time since it was announced earlier this week that he would leaving the Diocese of Raleigh after a decade at the helm.
Burbidge, who has headed the Catholic Church in eastern North Carolina for the last 10 years, will take over in Arlington, Va. on Dec. 6, following the retirement of the bishop there. Until then, Burbidge will serve as the diocesan administrator in Raleigh. His moves comes at the request of Pope Francis. 
On Thursday, Burbidge said the news came in the form of a phone call about a week ago.
"In the Catholic Church you do not volunteer to be a Bishop, or volunteer for a new post. You don’t interview for it and in fact, you are not consulted," he said. "When you get the phone call it starts with 'The Holy Father has appointed you...The only thing to say at that point is 'Yes.'