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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

You Diocesian Priests...This is a BAD Idea

A Catholic priest is the prime suspect in the kidnapping and beating of a bishop in India
Police in Andra Pradesh, India, have arrested a priest and 13 others in connection with the kidnapping of Bishop Gallela Prasad of Kadapa. Police said that Father Raja Reddy, a priest of the Kadapa diocese, was the prime mover in the plot to kidnap his bishop.

Bishop Gallena
The bishop was seized on April 25, blindfolded, and taken somewhere where he was robbed, beaten, and threatened with death unless he agreed to pay a heavy ransom. He was eventually released, left on a roadside, after agreeing to pay 2 million rupees (about $26,000).
Police now say that the place where Bishop Gallela was detained was a home run by Father Reddy, and the head of the gang that kidnapped him was the priest’s brother. Authorities said that several of those arrested had confessed, and reported that the kidnapping had been planned in advance, and previous attempts had been thwarted.